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Website Internationalization

There are 2 types of services involved in website internationalization:
1. Translation of the English (or source language) text to the target languages.
2. Webpage engineering for translated text placement.

In regards to the translation of the website text it is ideal if you have all of your web site pages extracted to Word or text documents. Often web sites will use Resource Bundles, files with key-value pairs for text replacement of constants used in the web site computer code, which are already in such a format. Otherwise the text can be manually extracted to Word or text documents. Our standard translation service will then translate the text on a per-word basis according to our standard translation quote. We offer Normal and Express services for the text translation.

For the second service of webpage engineering, if needed, this requires us to examine the website source code and architecture and is usually a custom priced job dependent on the difficulty of placing the translated text and software engineering involved.

For a quote please submit your text files to 123@UltraTranslate.com or through the website instant quote form. Once we have received your files we shall send you an email with our analysis of the standard web site text translation and steps to take to proceed.


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