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Audio Visual Translation Services

Ultra Translate offers complete audio and visual translation services. In general, there are 3 services involved with most audio visual translations:

1. Transcription of the source language audio. Many audio files will already have the source written text available.
2. Translation of the transcribed audio file text into the target languages. These will usually be in the form of Word documents.
3. Voice Over recording of the translated text into Audio files. Subtitles can also be added.

Each of these three services are sequential and dependent upon the previous service being fully completed before beginning. As such we will usually quote each service separately and only in stages so as to provide accurate quotes for each part. For example, we need to have the audio fully transcribed before translating. We must then have the complete translation before doing the voice over.

Often the Transcription of the original audio is already available in written form. This is helpful in bypassing the first service. Otherwise we can arrange for native speakers to transcribe the audio text into the source language. When requesting a quote please let us know the size of the audio files for us to indicate if emailing them or using our FTP site is most appropriate for sending your files to us.

The Translation is then completed using our standard translation service. Using only Native and Professional translators we will obtain the highest quality translation possible.

The Voice Over in the translated target language is then arranged to be done in studios by Native speakers. We can arrange for either male or female voices and professional talents to record the final audio file in the file format that you prefer.

For Audio Visual translation services we offer only the Highest Quality and most competitive rates!


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